COAST ROAD   (2022)  68 Minutes 

 A group of tour bus passengers enjoying a pleasant day trip along scenic coastal roads, one of the passengers dies suddenly, before long, the bus driver begins to suspect that one or more of the other passengers know more than they are saying.
Taking some inspiration from French new wave of the 1960's, using minimal crew and allowing the actors to improvise the script, You, the audience will feel as though you are one of the passengers on board the murder bus.
Winner of three awards and a finalist at the New York Independent Film Festival.
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72 MILES   (2019)  12 minutes

 Based on a memoir, 72 miles recounts an episode in the life of a young boy when he accepted a lift from a man who has recently returned from working abroad not knowing where he will end up. Its a charming tale from an more innocent time that anyone of a certain vintage will hold dear. 

Before the car arrives  (2011)  12 minutes

 A Beautifully Choreographed, fly on the wall look at a family as they prepare for the youngest child's big day. 

Photograph (2019)  5 minutes

 Music Video for Vinnie's TV song "Photograph" 

Children's Allowance (2015)  8 minutes

Children's Allowance is a short film about sacrifice. A tedious morning in a district court somewhere in Dublin, Mrs Bridie Foley sits anxiously waiting to hear the clerk call her son's name. Bernard Foley has recently been keeping company with small time career criminal, Anthony Clarke, they have both been caught stealing a car and are waiting to get their court date. Bridie has had to take out a credit union loan just to pay for a solicitor and is offering her childrens allowance book as a guarantee to the court that he will show up for his court appearance leaving her younger children vulnerable. A mothers sacrifice to keep her family intact

1914 Street (2015)  9 minutes

Two Jobless friends volunteer for active service in the British army in 1914, now they must tell their wives.

Poster picture by kind permission of Laurence Winram (Edinburgh)

Whirlpool (2018)  17 minutes

 Martial Arts meets Kitchen sink drama
Jimmy has a disability but pushes himself to the limit, taking several martial arts classes a week, what he's really doing is ignoring his widowed father's deteriorating mental faculties. He knows that he must inevitably go where the current is leading and step up and take responsibility. 

Crime Boss (2014)  8 minutes

Local crime boss, Frank, pays a visit to the mother of a young man who stole drugs from him.
Frank’s ill thought out visit to inform the woman that when caught, her son face’s serious retribution, goes terribly wrong when Mairead realizes that she cannot sway his intentions and, acting on impulse, stabs Frank repeatedly and then has to dispose of his body.
While minding a neighbour’s toddler, Mairead, with wonderful command of home economics, dispatches Frank’s remains to her family refuse bin and manages to have today’s dinner prepared on time.
Disguised as a thriller, Crime Boss is a very dark comedy.


The Ceased (2019)  8 minutes

In a future where everything is on sale, The Ceased plc offers its clients a termination solution second to none. Client services agent Arielle Roper is the company's top sales agent. The Ceased is a cautionary and thought provoking tale about the value of life and asks the question, do we have the right to choose to die.
It is a "no frills" two hander that lets the acting do all the work.


Pigeons (2014)  5 minutes

After communicating for some time over the internet and getting on very well, Sara decides to meet Dean. What she doesn't know is that Dean has a disability.
Sara chooses not to meet Dean when she sees him, is she wrong? or should Dean have told her of his disability before meeting?


Penitent (2017)  66 minutes

Imprisoned for dangerous driving and possession of illegal substances, Jason Buckley is finding it difficult to adjust to life outside prison.
Jason was driving home from the hospital where his mother had recently passed away when he lost control of his car and hit a young boy killing him instantly, to make matters worse, his lifelong ne'er do well friend, Joe, had hidden a kilogram of street ready cannabis in Jason's car, for safe keeping the owner of which will seek reimbursement for the loss of their product.
Jason is trying to remain anonymous as he accumulates cash in case the owners of the cannabis come looking for money but is haunted by the memory of the accident and is being stalked by the mother of the dead child.
Added to this, he lives next door to a troubled woman who keeps questionable company endangering her own family.
Penitent is a bleak tale about the soul crushing effects of guilt and a man driven to seek any way out of his inescapable torture. 


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Turn of the Century (TBC)  TBC

Demo for new feature film, Turn of the Century.
Currently seeking financial partner(s).
Ghostly drama set in 1903 rural Ireland with political backdrop